What has/is God doing in Asian American Christians?

This website aims to explore what God is doing in Asian American Christians by telling and sharing our stories. This is an never-ending task as we are always growing in Christ: we are always learning more and more about God, ourselves, and others.

Stories though can help.

Oh! That makes sense!
Stories give us clarity, a framework of understanding. They give context which can help us put ourselves in the shoes of others, which can help us grow in compassion. They can root us, and help us understand more the whole person, instead of the sliver we see in passing.
Stories allow for multiple perspectives and complexity. They allow us to deal with difficult contexts in context, with grace, love and truth.
Stories can transcend cultural differences. More than just facts, they hold emotions, difficulties, contexts and have the potential to cross cultural boundaries and lead to greater understanding.

Hey! That’s me!
Stories can affirm our feelings, thoughts and experiences.
Stories can remind us that we are not alone, that we belong.

I can do that! I want to be like that!
Stories can inspire us. We can grow into the story even though we are not actually there yet.
Stories can make us part of a bigger whole. They can outgrow us, and come to mean something much greater than themselves.


There are downsides.

Our memory is faulty.
We are apt to remember some things better or worse than they were. We are apt to see ourselves as too much and too little. We want to be wary of hagiography, we want to be wary of being completely negative. We need to be open to critics. We want to be honest and truthful.

We can hold them too tightly or literally.
We can idolize a story and not see it as a work in progress. We can apply the wrong story to the wrong people. We can hurt ourselves and others by measuring people by this story and asking them to completely conform to it instead of trying to see them for who they are in their own contexts and in Christ. We can leave people out.

It is sometimes not yet time.
Some stories can be hard to tell, the timing is not always right.

We hope the upsides will outweigh the downsides. Our prayer is that we will hold Christ firmly as we hold these stories lightly, as we use them to illuminate mysteries and help us to understand how we are grafted into God’s larger story of his Kingdom.




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