As planned, this almost five-month old website will be re-clarifying and re-presenting our vision this month!

Before we dive in, we’d like to offer up a prayer.


Lord of All,

We recognize you, God, as our father of all, our maker, from whom all things come. You are the giver of life—and our lives are no accident. You set us in our particular families. You wonderfully crafted each of us in our mother’s womb.

We acknowledge you, God, as our sustainer and lover. You made us in your image, in your love, with your love, and for your delight. You sustain all life with your loving grace and mercy.

We acknowledge you, God, as our savior and redeemer. That though we are fallen beings, you made us for so much more. You made us to be more like Jesus. You are molding us to be even more our new true selves. You are putting on our hearts your love for one another and the world. Indeed, you are making all things new!

We give you this website, this lowly tool that is meaningless without you, without your Spirit, without your heart and insight. We give you this website—and ask that it would be one of many instruments used by your Kingdom to unite us, to grow and mold us, to help us see and live your Kingdom reality all the more, as you are indeed King.

We serve you alone.

In Jesus,



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