I have done my best to value the many various perspectives among Asian American Christians, both signers and non-signers of the Open Letter. It has been quite an uneasy challenge, as I have been invited to talk about these issues on a number of occasions:

I share these links with some fear and trepidation. Even though some of my comments may be misunderstood and there may well be parts where I could have been wrong, I think for me to decline from commenting could also be misconstrued. When news articles raise an important issue about a person or organization, reports that the person or organization “declined to comment” usually do not sit well with the public. And yet to say something can open those comments to heavy scrutiny. This kind of lose-lose proposition makes it all the more daunting to break down the “us-versus-them” divide.

I sincerely hope my commentaries are a helpful contribution to the long-overdue conversations about race and faith in American evangelicalism. However, I realize my efforts are of limited value, having received much fewer comments and feedback than other articles that have been posted in the mainstream conscience of American evangelicalism. In other words, it’s not much of a conversation when there are so few voices in the mix.

It’s my hope that this discussion at AsianAmericanChristian.org will move us toward the next steps of developing a framework that will be more inviting and inclusive of all kinds of Asian American Christians. A framework with room for civil and robust conversations that span the wide diversity of convictions. One that makes room for both egalitarians and complementarians, Reformed and non-Reformed, traditionalists and non-traditionalists, mono-ethnic and multi-ethnic, to better demonstrate the unity for which Jesus prayed.


DJ Chuang, Church Strategy Consultant
DJ has been the most consistent and regular web voice for Asian American Christians since June 1999. He’s currently a strategy consultant for Ambassador Network, a church-planting organization, and the host of a weekly podcast, Social Media Church. http://djchuang.com

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