When we shared this on January 1 of this year, we didn’t have a chance to discuss it. We’d like to take the time to do this now.

While we’d like regularly to report on events, share stories and resources, and refer to various ministries, we lack staff and financing. Instead, we’ve been trying to make the most of what we do have:  our observations and hypotheses, our relationships and our love for God, his work and his worldwide and local church.  [More on where we’re coming from here.]  We are not experts, but we pray and hope we’ve been doing the harder thing that ultimately will serve all Asian American Evangelicals: we’ve been working on clarifying and illustrating this proposal.

ASIANAMERICANCHRISTIAN.ORG is a proposal for a ministry that offers a framework to embrace all God’s work among Asian American Christians, past, present and future. God’s been tremendously good to us, and out of his love and work comes amazing fruit as well as challenges.



We think ASIANAMERICANCHRISTIAN.ORG is needed because of our diversity and interconnectedness.

We are overwhelmingly diverse in every way imaginable!

And accordingly,

(1) We need to make more room for more and different Asian American Christian experiences.
While current Asian American ministers have been faithful to their work, it’s been overwhelming to keep up with the fastest growing group in America! The bulk of Asian American Christian popular titles were published in the 1990s – mid 2000s, and focus on an East Asian American dominant experience of marginality.  However, between 2000 and 2010 alone, Asian Americans grew 43.3% in population. Our viewpoints, experiences and needs have grown and changed just as dramatically.

We are interconnected!
While we are individuals, our lives overlap. Most of us attend more than one church in our lifetimes and are exposed to multiple ministries and ideas about God. Our families and churches are multi-generational. Our closest friends often attend different churches and live in different states and countries. We influence and affect one another.

(2) We need to know what affects us and influences us to make the most of the good, and minimize what is not helpful.  We need to address issues at the root level and explore what it means to be Asian, American and Christian.
Everything we hold dear: Christ, family, work, our communities and causes—what we think of these things are affected by what we think it means to be Asian, American and Christian. For example, how we view growth in Christ, growth as a person, what it means to be successful etc, these things are all affected by what others believe around us, what we’ve been exposed to and taught, how we’ve been affirmed.  Jesus meets us where we’re at in the midst of our worlds and mindsets. He has much grace for us, and still, because of his grace, he seeks to renew our minds. (Romans 12:2) He seeks to redeem all cultures, including those Asian, American, and Christian.

(3) We need to work together to more constructively and thoroughly address our real concerns. We need to address these 7 current challenges that are holding us back.

ASIANAMERICANCHRISTIAN.ORG is a proposal for a ministry, that frames everything around the exploration of this one question, our mission:

What is God doing in us?

We ask this because God is always active and at work in us. Jesus lives!
…because God’s activity in the world is what most matters. God reigns!
…because our professed love and faith in Christ sometimes is the only thing many of us have in common. In Christ, all things truly hold together!

We ask:
to allow for our overwhelming diversity  (Challenge 1)
to address our perceived irrelevance (Challenge 2)

so we can
(a) hear and gather all Asian American Christian voices

because our ministries barely overlap (Challenge 3)
resources are difficult to find and seem dated (Challenge 4)

(b) build inroads necessary for understanding, reconciliation and fellowship.

because there are few places to cultivate our ministries collectively (Challenge 5)
cultural norms make it difficult to address problems (Challenge 6)
few want to fund Asian American ministries (Challenge 7)

We’ll be discussing these challenges on Tuesdays and Thursdays in this next season.

We’ll also be hosting several feedback sessions in the Fall. If you are interested, please sign up for our mailing list.


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