We’ve been discussing the 7 challenges to Asian American ministries.

Please note: these are not the same as the current issues OF Asian American ministries. They are challenges that keep us from addressing in a more thorough and effective way issues of identity, generational clashes, prejudice, racism, etc.


These are also our current challenges to Asian American ministries.  We hope and pray that they will cease to be our challenges after several seasons.   Nevertheless, they have informed our mission, preparing the way for all Asian American Christians to address emerging challenges of future generations.


Our mission is to ask: What is God doing in us?

  1. to hear and gather all Asian American Christian voices
  2. to build inroads necessary for understanding, reconciliation and fellowship


By asking what God is doing in us, we’ll be able to address:
1: Diverse in every way Our overwhelming diversity
2: Perceived irrelevance False perceptions that our ministries are irrelevant

ethnic-churchesby many in ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese, etc churches

multiethnic-churchesby many in Multiethnic churches

asian-american-churches by many in Asian American churches

emerging-generations by many second+generation Christians

seminary-trained-evangelicalsby many seminary-trained Evangelicals

many-AA-ministry-alumni by many Asian American ministry alumni


so we can (1) hear and gather all Asian American Christian voices because:
3: Siloed ministries Our ministries barely overlap
4: Inaccessible, dated resources Resources are hard to find and available ones seem dated


so we can (2) build inroads necessary for understanding, reconciliation and fellowship
5: No place for collaboration There are few places to cultivate our ministries collectively
6: Difficult cultural norms Cultural norms make it difficult to address problems
7: Lack of funding Funding for Asian American ministries is hard to come by


Our vision is what Jesus prays in John 17:23b:
May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them as you loved me.

We’ll conclude this series by discussing our vision in our next post.


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