Often our issues don’t seem to be getting any better:

intergenerational clashes
leadership retention
racism and prejudice
intra-Asian prejudice
lack of fervency for the Gospel
equating the Gospel to morality
idols of wealth and status
how do we hear and share the great things God's done in and for us?

It’s really difficult to address because many of our issues are not limited to one particular group or our local church.  These problems—like our friendships, our families, our networks, the pastors and others that influence us—go beyond our local church networks.

We don’t have a place to talk about these issues and thoroughly address them.

And when we have gathered to do so, it’s piecemeal, it’s hard to hear about what happened and what resulted.

For the sake of our evangelism and discipleship, we need to prioritize these issues and perhaps more importantly, prioritize the relationships needed to address these problems.


Which reveals yet another problem, the most core problem of them all:
We’re all coming from different places.

After a group is gathered to discuss issues, then what?
How do you grow in understanding, allow for differences and still work together? How do you get on the same page?

This core problem is where AsianAmericanChristian.org wants to start.

We want to come alongside and/or come from below and serve existing Asian American ministries, and highlight their distinctives, their lessons and resources.  We want to understand the variety of places, histories, experiences and circumstances from where we each come.

frameworksWe want to help us understand the reference points from which we intuit, think and speak, be it from a Reformed background, lessons from Asian American Studies, memories of a war-torn Asia, the influence of hip hop, or the lessons of Silicon Valley.

We want to understand in the terms and language of Asian American Christians, how we personally talk about and think bout our ministries.  Through interviews, surveys, accounts, we’ll ask variations on the guiding question that drives our mission:  “what is God doing in us?”

We’ll seek to understand a spectrum of views, before we initiate discussions to help us understand ourselves, God, neighbor and our related issues.  We’ll try to hear and gather all Asian American Christian voices the best we can.

From there, we hope to form partnerships to help make resources and to address those issues that nag us, that never seem to go away.  We’ll build inroads necessary for understanding, reconciliation and fellowship.

This is what ASIANAMERICANCHRISTIAN.ORG seeks to be about.



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