Reference Points are our quick summary points of various contexts.  We hope they will help us better understand ourselves and others.

This is far from comprehensive or complete.  In time, we hope to grow and regularly update the resources available here.  We also plan on vetting this with scholars and other experts.


Christianity in the World

why this important to know
how this helped one historian know his identity

Statistics (current): Christians in the World

History of Global Christianity
Traditionally taught (until the early 1900s, but this viewpoint still lingers)
How its being revised

Revisions of History of Global Christianity: 

According to Justo Gonzales’ History of Christianity (1984, 1985)  —FORTHCOMING
a commonly used text at evangelical institutions like these Regent CollegeGordon-ConwellTrinity Evangelical Divinity SchoolReformed Theological SeminaryMoody Bible InstituteDallas Theological Seminary.
Gonzales’ text barely refers to evangelicalism; this is how relatively new is the study (and thus the understanding) of evangelicalism by evangelicals themselves.

Evangelicalism in the World

Statistics (current):  Evangelicals in the World

History of World Evangelical Christianity
According to Mark Hutchinson and John Wolffe, A Short History of Global Evangelicalism (2012) —the only book that we know of that tells this story.
brief summary  •  chapter-by-chapter summary  •   How Western Historians have thought of evangelicalism  •  ‘Evangelicalism:’ usage and definitions  •  Notes on the history told by Hutchinson and Wolffe  •   summary of critiques on this book (FORTHCOMING)


Note: In relation to Christianity in the world, current scholarship barely has anything to say about Asian American Christians.


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