two-year-old-cupcakeWe are 2 today!

To commemorate, we remember Martin Luther King and those he helped lead.

In King’s words:

“But in the first days of the protest…the phrase most often heard was ‘Christian love.’  It was the Sermon on the Mount, rather than a doctrine of passive resistance, that initially inspired the Negros of Montgomery to dignified social action.  It was Jesus of Nazareth that stirred the Negros to protest with the creative weapon of love.”

Their actions in Montgomery, Alabama in 1957 followed and built upon those that came before them, as they come before us.  Because they and their predecessors dreamed of so much more, for themselves and for others, we have so much more freedom and opportunity today.  Immigration laws which had specifically blocked Asian Americans from this country were lifted through their efforts, allowing the vast majority of us to come to America.  Restrictions that had long confined us to Chinatowns and specific jobs were increasingly removed.  Their work, done in Jesus’ name, effected these changes and others that free us to be more ourselves than at any other point in history.

We wish to remember today that their actions were sparked by their love for Jesus, and that love still deeply blesses us today.

We thank you, dear Lord for the faithful persistence of others, for their sacrifice and struggle, for how your love indeed was made perfect and fruitful. 

We commemorate it also with our latest attempt to clarify  Our aim has been to design a clear, elegant way to answer this main question:

How can we honor all Asian American Christians and our ministries and also address real concerns that block the Gospel with truth, grace and love in Christ, for generations to come?

And for the last two years, we’ve been doing just that: we’ve been testing and sharpening ideas, discerning the right balance to let people be and to speak truth in love, and developing content to give enough of a taste of our proposed plans.  We think we’re getting pretty close to our goal.  See the next post.

We are deeply grateful for all your interest and support.  We’ll be back in February 24 to launch our introduction to various Asian American ministries.

Thank you, God for your faithfulness to us.  We again offer our work to you in love, because you first loved us.  This is for you.  May you continue to bless this burgeoning ministry as you increase our heart to serve and love others, ourselves and utmost you.  In Jesus, Amen.



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