Asian American Christians are each uniquely and wonderfully made. Our approaches and opinions rightfully differ as our callings and contexts are varied. While we agree in Gospel essentials, in non-essentials there’s liberty to love and meet the needs of those around us in Christ. is a proposal for a ministry that sets up all Asian American Evangelicals for conversation and to work on our collective challenges.  In this phase, our call is to design and propose a way forward. Our content thus has been used to experiment a way forward and to illustrate our proposal.  The goals of our present program are no different.

We are diverse!
To begin to gather ministries to set them up for conversation, we need to first introduce ministries.  Many are not aware of our ministries; it is impossible to know about every church, every organization past and present.  Many of us may know the main organizations by name, but not enough to know their distintives, to realize what resources they offer and how they can get involved.

To give a taste of what we’d like to offer in the future, this Winter/Spring we’ll be gathering various ministries accordingly:

AA Campus ministries AA churches AAC Organizations Conferences Asian Americans in SeminariesDirectory of MinistriesWhy these ministries are importantHow some of these ministries came about

This is meant to be a taste of what is to come.  It will hardly be adequate nor comprehensive or representative.  Again, is a proposal for a ministry.

We will be posting in piecemeal, but will organize it all together by mid-June.

Please note: these are not the original plans, but our old deadlines did not allow for adequate travel and time for relationships.  We hope this is a good compromise.

If you’re ministry is interested in joining our pilot project, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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