For those who have not heard of Pastor Min or CFC, he’s a big deal; CFC is a really big deal. I’ve been trying to think of how to communicate this. I want to be somewhat objective; I want it to not be about me, but everything feels much too close.  My brain and heart are flooded with my own thoughts and emotions. And so, perhaps for now, the best way is to just go there, and share how I know CFC and my experience of it.

I first heard of CFC through my late brother, Edward Hsiao. CFC was his college church, and every time we talked on the phone, every time I saw him over breaks, he would tell me how awesome this church was, about the awesome training, how awesome it was organized, how awesome the people were! He would tell me about Pastor Min and what he said, the wisdom and insights that he was challenged by. He would rave and marvel over the full-time intercessor, Ms. Kim and the commitment to prayer that she represented. In truth, it seemed all very strange to me, so very different from my college fellowship experience, but my brother was a very different person than me. CFC had taken my brother’s spark for Jesus that he acquired from our youth group, and had fanned it into a big, big fire.

In 2000, I experienced CFC first hand. When the hospital could not get a hold of my family, a doctor who was part of CFC tried and tried, and finally got a hold of me. My brother had been hit by a car and was hospitalized, and 5 days later, died. When I got to the waiting room, there they all were, what seemed to me, a giant horde from CFC. They kept me company until my parents arrived, provided food and bedding, and countless prayers. When the time came, they vacated apartments to house us, recruited drivers, and put on the entire funeral. My family, my home church, my church and co-workers from out-of-town still remember it. My pastor at the time, Gregg Bergman and his wife Nancy still count it as one their top life moments. In their words, it was “a taste of heaven!”

For the last three years, I have been living here in Urbana, Illinois and have been attending CFC. God leads us to strange places, and this counts as one place I never thought I’d ever return. I came back for my husband, but it has not been so easy to be back at scene of the crime. But it has been the scene of blessings too. It’s been here, where God made space for me to start this website, and it was CFC who fed me, worshiped with me, prayed for me, and whose own story inspired me whenever I lost my nerve, which was fairly often.

It is with deep honor and gratitude to God that I share CFC’s story here.

Last revised: January 24, 2016



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