IVCF Philippines was founded by InterVarsity USA worker, Gwen Wong.

Gwen Wong: How the Lord Calls!



Gwen Wong arrives in Manila

Though only 15 students are interested, early morning prayer meetings begin. Saturday afternoon meetings and eventually “Timothy club” meetings also are added for prayer, Bible study and to discuss witnessing

Peter Kemary, an alumnus of British Inter-Varsity (now UCCF) and an executive of Shell Oil Philippines, also begins what is now Graduate Student Fellowship Philippines



Students begin to form student-run groups on five other campuses: 

University of the Philippines, Diliman
University of the East
National University
Far Eastern University
M.L. Quezon University



First weeklong student conference
First Filipino staff worker appointed at this conference: Tomasa Francisco

Tomasa Francisco started “Inter-School Christian Fellowship” to reach high school students

Canadian and InterVarsity USA staff Mary Beaton came to help



The movement’s first graduates return to their hometowns and spread the student movement to Cebu, Davao and Iloilo

Ephraim Orteza comes on staff



Students at an early student training camp called KC photo: IVCF Philippines

Students at an early student training camp called KC
photo: IVCF Philippines

First month-long intensive training at Kawayan Campus in Negros Occidental

Key national leaders emerged from this camp

This yearly training becomes known as Kawayan Camp (KC)




Leadership and Financial Responsibility turned over to nationals

Ephraim Orteza made first General Secretary of IVCF Philippines

3 staff workers:  Tomasa Francisco, Emmanuel Pizana, and Leticia Abakan

Board Chair: Ruben Orteza

Monthly budget: P$500/month



IVCF Philippines is at 78 colleges and universities and 65 high schools. along with nurses and graduate groups



4,789 student members
842 student leaders

944 students trained in evangelism
10,117 “heard gospel”
2,748 students in evangelistic Bible Studies
2,236 “became Christians”






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