Hello World!

We’re still here.  Here’s a brief update to let you know what we’re up to!

  • Connecting our dots. Mainly, we’re putting together all these pieces: interviews, hypotheses, statistics, histories, etc together into one cohesive whole! As we keep saying, AsianAmericanChristian.org is a proposal for a new ministry. So, we’ve taken the first half of the year to write things up as this has been our goal from the beginning. Lord willing, we’ll have a solid complete draft by June 30 and then begin to get feedback from various Asian American ministers starting in the Fall. (We know a lot of what we do here seems random, long, and boring even if you don’t know the person or ministry. But it has been for a purpose. We’re excited to share that with you soon!)
  • Interviews.  We also still have some great interviews to share, but they are still in various stages of editing.
  • We are interconnected.  We also had planned to touch upon how we’re interconnected.  We’ve been on work on some materials for the last 2+ years, but this is on hold for now…  Apologies.

I should still say, as I have previously, that “we” is still one main person. I do not mean to mislead; I just have a lot of trouble with the world “I.”  In my heart, it is a “we” in the sense that I have a body of advisors, friends, prayer people, donors, champions. And it also is a very hopeful, “we.” After a draft of this proposal is finished, it will no long be just me.  The proposal will help us present the big picture, get feedback and invite others to shape and comment, and be even more involved. It will truly, I pray, be the real beginning of a “we.”

Thanks so much for checking in and for those of you praying. Excited to be serving God and Asian American Christians!

In our dear Lord Jesus.


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