Last revised: January 24, 2015

“Are my parents really Christian?”
“It’s so weird; there are so many Asian Americans at our church,
but hardly any Asian American pastors.”
“I know he’s so full of it, but he’s an elder.
We can’t tell him what we really think.”
“My home church is so messed up! I’m never going back there.”
“Honestly, I just don’t think Asian American ministries is relevant to me;
I’m no different than any other Christian.”



  • an informational ministry
    We gather past and present Asian American Evangelical Christian stories and resources. We want to know what God is doing in us.

Why just for Evangelicals?

  • a proposal for a ministry
    Since January 2013, we’ve been working to design and propose an answer to this main question:

How can we address real concerns that block the Gospel with truth, grace and love while continuing to honor all Asian American Christians and our ministries, for generations to come in Christ?


We are a sub-ministry of the Asian American Leadership Center (AALC). The AALC is a 501(c)(3) faith-based ministry organization.

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