What is God doing in us?
This is our overall question, and we plainly ask it.

Who are we?
Pondering our commonalities

Beginnings of Consciousness
How race and culture began to be connected to one’s faith.

Where we meet Asian American Christians who have come before us

Streams (coming soon)
Tracing the stories of a group

Foil (coming soon)
Learning from people who are not necessarily Asian, American or Christian


Why interviews?Interviews-and-surveys-outline-300x187

  • To expand our knowledge of the inherent diversity and commonalities of Asian American Christians
  • To hear our voices, hear how we understand, acknowledge what terms and analogies we already use
  • To put topics on our communal table for thought and discussion


frameworksWhile we may not all agree or understand the contents of these interviews, we affirm:

  • That we are each fearfully and wonderfully made in love and in Christ. Our combination of contexts, experiences, thoughts and talents are unique and valued.
  • That we are all in process, all still being made more like God. While the views represented here are not necessarily those of ASIANAMERICANCHRISTIAN.ORG, we will protect an interviewee’s right to have and express one’s own feelings and opinions.


No one person interviewed represents another—unless they said so explicitly.



As a new, not-yet-funded or known organization, it’s been easier to solicit interviews than actual writing. We’re not experts, we’re learning and experimenting as we go. Closer to ethnography than journalism, our methods reflect our values.


We honor who God has made this person to be: to be as fair as possible to the interviewee, ensuring that that his/her story is truly his/her own, in his/her own voice and terms.We ask open-ended questions that allow room for his/her story.

We record, transcribe and edit according to prevailing themes that emerge preserving context and voice.

We allow interviewees to edit or veto completely our proposed drafts for publication.

These stories reflect human lives that are still being lived out among real living people.We give the option of anonymity.

We allow interviewees to delay publication until a more apt time.

We want to help even out the playing field and to give voice to those who may not be eloquent in speech or writing.We transcribe a person's spoken voice. While questions are given in advance, we encourage responses to be conversational and off-the-cuff rather than pre-scripted and polished.

We also edit for readability, taking out the “ums," the natural repetitions and smooth out sentences that change mid-course.

We want to put forth something of quality, to the best of our abilities.We interview until we hear prevailing themes in a story. If needed, we follow-up and ask clarifying questions.

We edit. All spelling, punctuation and copy mistakes are ours alone.