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Last updated: January 18, 2015


Asian American Christians (including Evangelicals)

Then and Now
Past Asian American Christian works, current author reflections on the present.

Who are we?
Asian American Christians discussed as a group


Asian Americans

Asian American History (FORTHCOMING)

The quick bullet points of Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies and Asian American Evangelical Christians


Christianity in the World

Evangelicalism in the World


Christianity in America

Protestantism in America

Evangelicalism in America


Current statistics on Asian American Christians



Reference Points are distillations of histories, theologies, research, debates, institutional and cultural contexts. A sample list how we hope to develop this page.







Why Reference Points?


  • To understand where we’re coming from:
    Sharpening our understanding of our own contexts.
  • To understand where they’re coming from:
    Encouraging more constructive conversation with those different from us.
  • To tame information overload:
    Giving us a framework for new and pre-existing thoughts.



We aim to provide Reference Points because:frameworks-300x208

  • We have something thing to learn from everyone.
    Though we may be ignorant, acknowledge and/or deny God’s work in every human being, we undoubtedly have something to learn from each one of us, especially from our accumulated body of knowledge.
  • We’re wonderfully and uniquely multi-faceted.
    Because we are each unique and each have been influenced by a variety of ethnic, familial, educational, work, generational, geographical, economic, artistic et cetera cultures in our own right, we’re multi-everything in our own right, interfacing and standing at the boundaries of different worlds. There can be a lot to digest about our different worlds; it demands inter-disciplinary knowledge.
  • We are smart people.
    ASIANAMERICANCHRISTIAN.ORG recognizes that as the most educated minority in the United States, we may need more to chew on than our seminaries and churches can sometimes offer us.
  • We have varying levels of interest, language ability and time.
    To reflect varying levels of interest and time, we hope eventually to present our information at various levels. The most important points bulleted (and when resources allow, diagrammed) and those that are curious to know more, can click further to read about the nuances. To help people of various language abilities, we aim to keep our English as simple and clear as possible.



Doesn’t this duplicate Wikipedia and/or other sources?

  • Not at all. Often also it’s hard to know if these sources are valid. We vet materials for you.
    We vet and qualify sources for you. In time, we plan on vetting our materials by scholars and other experts. Our aim is to regularly and systematically revise these Reference Points so they can be kept up-to-date with the latest scholarship and events.
  • Many of these sources materials do not exist or are difficult to find.
    Many of these reference points are nascent and have yet to be studied. Also, reliable, clear and brief materials are difficult to find. For example, we could not find a quick, up-to-date crash course on Asian American Studies. Introductory materials we found did not go back far enough as they assumed some knowledge.
  • Many of those sources do not “get Evangelicals” correctly.
    • Studies and articles on Evangelicals by non-Evangelicals: Indeed, there are many materials out there on Evangelicals, that do not fairly represent Evangelical views and theology. Because of this, we have often closed ourselves off from being studied by non-Christian academics.
    • We are also wary. We Evangelical Christians warn one another not to read an untrusted author or source, especially as it pertains to Christianity. We worry about “wrong” theology.
  • We write directly to Asian American Evangelicals and for our vantage point.
    There are very, very few others that write to our audiences.



We want to put God first in everything that we think and do.

  • This website is geared toward primarily Evangelical Christians—Christians who profess to accepting Jesus Christ as as their Savior because of his work on the Cross and the authority of the Bible.
  • While you will find materials here you many not agree with, we are committed to help you sort through our issues and to have conversations that point us and grow us towards Christ.