Though our content as a whole can be seen as a resource, we have yet to produce resources in earnest.   For more, please read below.




Asian American Evangelical Events

How, when and where the word “evangelicalism” was used
“Evangelical” usage and definitions

A chapter-by-chapter summary of A Short History of Global Evangelicalism, (2012)



7 current challenges of Asian American ministries
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Addressing the Perceived Irrelevance of Asian American Ministries (challenge 2)

What is
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Annual Reports
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resources is a proposal for a ministry that among other things, SETS US UP TO WORK ON OUR COMMON AND INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGESframeworks

We hope to identify and analyze common challenges that face our ministries and experiment to more adequately address them.
Patterns among Asian American Christians have emerged (e.g. struggles with identity, intergenerational miscommunication, spiritual abuses, legalism passing for Gospel, etc) and we hope to constructively address these patterns in due time.  However, we believe that we cannot adequately do so without first addressing the blocks that limit our ministries from growing and keep us from learning from one another.  One of the fruits of our first year was to identify 7 challenges that all our ministries face.  We analyzed these challenges, and will reanalyze them in the coming year. also can be considered as an active experiment in addressing each of those challenges in particular.

Because challenge 7 (funding) is a key to the sustainability to this proposed ministry and all Asian American ministries, we decided specifically to experiment more in depth with this challenge first. In 2013, we approached an honorable, faithful and fruitful Asian American minister.  We believed in his ministry and noticed that he needed some more help.  Our idea at first was to help him form a “care team” to shepherd his donors, and be his first line of support that will mobilize all others.  However, when we realized he was not fully funded, we felt convicted to help him fundraise.  We’ll be sharing this process with his full permission sometime later in 2015.  Our hope as we explained it to our minister friend, is that in helping him, we can help all Asian American Christian ministers with their fundraising.

Being able to address these challenges is what gives this ministry its purpose and momentum.  Though we are well-aware that God is the one who affects change, we are immensely excited by the opportunity to experiment to benefit all Asian American Christians for the better.

When these 7 challenges have been addressed, and Asian American ministries no longer significantly struggle with these things, we hope to gather and commission a new small team to identify and analyze our common challenges along the lines of our mission and vision.  These challenges will be the next thrust of, and this team will be its next leaders.

We hope as our content grows to tailor it to particular audiences and needs.
We know that our content as it stands is not palatable.  We know that not everyone will be interested in every post, interview or reference point.  Our hope is to reorganize our website completely and tailor it to various audiences by role, need and interest—from their point of view.  For example, we hope to tailor it for ministers, parents, grandparents, job searchers, college students, those that struggle with depression, identity, parents etc.  We dream of tailoring a special portal for children because research has shown that those that know their history do better when facing challenges.

We hope also to share the resources of other ministries and help them highlight their best tools and insights.  Many of us do know that resources on cross-cultural training, conflict resolution, job search techniques tailored for Asian Americans are available.

We hope to create resources.
As the web has its limits, and its mediums may not meet every need, we hope to spearhead and partner with other ministries to create and commission resources accordingly. (For example, you may not want your children to access a website.  A kids book or short video might be more appropriate.)  We hope to produce whatever would best serve various Asian American Christians the best, be it curriculum, a talk series, talking points for a pastor, a retreat, a conference, a handout, a video, a consultation etc.

The best resources are tailored to a particular group at a particular time and meet particular needs.   Most resources thus will need to be revised or completely rethought as we grow, circumstances and needs change.